Terms of Service

This document outlines Corporate Settings, Inc’s “Terms of Use”; and represents a conditional contract between parties:

Contained herein are Corporate Settings, IncFurther referenced as (“CSI”) Terms and Conditions “further referenced as (“Terms of Use”)” agreement for utilization of product and services. Use of and all transactions associated with said company’s (named herein) in connection with company product and or use of services are subject to the following Terms of Use. Issuing a Request for Service “further referenced herein as (“Work Order”) indicates and confirms your assent an agreement to be governed by the Terms of Use set forth in this document whether or not by submitting a new Work Order request for service or whether or not a Work Order is remitted via website, facsimile, email or through other channels such as by phone, text message or otherwise. Any Work Order submitted whether or not for a new unit delivery or service request on an existing agreement will conform by the Terms of Use set forth herein. Corporate Settings reserves the right to refuse or terminate service at their sole discretion.

CSI reserves the right to periodically amend Terms of Service and/or Rates

Account Terms:

  • It is understood that this is a furniture service and not a conditional sale or financing agreement, title and ownership of all products remain vested in CSI and client may not grant a security interest of any kind on CSI property
  • It is further agreed that there is no purchase or earned discount options associated within this agreement regarding the property. Please note: All products are available for purchase at any time
  • CSI bills in arrears on the first (1st) day of each month for all previous month’s accumulated activity for service
  • All invoices are due upon receipt
  • CSI allows clients a twenty (20) day grace period to reconcile statement and remit payment in full by the twenty-first (21st) day of each month without penalty
  • Rates are adjusted “pro-rated” according to move-in and move-out dates. CSI charges service fees for the day of delivery and day of pick-up
  • Customer assumes all financial responsibility related to any missing property, damages “above normal wear & tear” and/or total loss of any CSI property due to fire, theft and natural disasters
  • Contracting services with Corporate Settings, Inc. affirms your agreement to not solicit any CSI employee and/or contract service employee (contractor) for an employment opportunity within the said company while employed or under contract with CSI

Payment Terms Policy:

  • A 2% credit will be applied to the following month’s invoice for prior months payments received in full on or before the tenth (10th) day of the month
  • Invoice credits and/or deductions related to downtime or service discrepancies WILL NOT be permitted on payment on accounts received after the twenty-first (21st) day of the month.
  • Downtime/Vacancy credit is limited to 10% of total invoice amount for furniture and house-ware service and does not include any additional service. Beginning the 11th day, after ten (10) days of verifiable vacancy, CSI clients may deduct downtime vacancy credit not to exceed 10% of total invoice amount due for furniture and house-ware service
  • Client assumes financial responsibility for all property in their possession at all times

Delinquent Accounts:

  • Late payments will accumulate a six percent (6%) late charge penalty on the total outstanding account balance and due on all invoice payments received after the twentieth (20th) day of the month.
  • Accounts(s) delinquent thirty (30) day will be placed on “Credit Hold until CSI is in receipt of payment in full (including 6% late penalty).
  • Account(s) placed on “Credit Hold” will not receive any further service until payment in full is received (including 6% late penalty). Resulting in any confirmed, pending or scheduled work orders being canceled.
  • Any time an account(s) becomes sixty (60) days past due CSI reserves the right to process account for collection in addition to CS notifying resident(s) including but not limited to gaining access to any/all locations where CSI property is located and removing all CSI product.
  • Account(s) delinquent ninety (90) days will be classified “uncollectable” resulting in all collection remedies allowed by law. The client will be invoiced retail replacement cost for all property in remaining in clients’ possession and all fees related to collections efforts on the delinquent account including trip fee’s, pick-up fees, professional fees, all legal fees and court costs.
  • All accounts deemed uncollectible will be billed a minimum $250.00 USD pickup fee in addition to fees for pets, missing or damaged property.

Order Process:

  • All Work Order requests must be confirmed in writing by an authorized CSI representative via (facsimile, email and/or text message) and documented before Work Order is processed for service
  • Work order requests are processed and scheduled demographically and by order in which they are received
  • CSI offers next business day service for any Work Order received Monday – Friday before 2:00 pm Central Standard Time “limited to product and/or scheduling availability”
  • Weekend service is available “see delivery fee & housekeeping services for details”
  • Work Orders received after 2:00 pm Central Standard Time requesting “next day” service or any Work Order received for “same day” service will incur a Premium Service Fee. (PSF – charges detailed below)

Package Pricing:  “Please reference individual rate for details related to package content & pricing for your company.”   

  • Furniture, electronics, and house-ware rates are based on three (3) month minimum terms, calculated by package content, the scope of services utilized and overall customer volume
  • Rates do not include 8.25% State Sales Tax (unless the quote is requested otherwise)
  • Package pricing does not include “Damage Waiver” to cover damages to property while in client’s possession

Initial Term:

  • CSI has a standard three (3) month minimum term on all new contracts.
  • Shorter terms must be individually negotiated and agreed upon prior to the delivery date by an authorized CSI representative. The client will incur an additional $150 short-term fee “aka – pick-up fee” for furniture, house-ware or electronic agreements less than a (3) month term.

Agreement Additions:

  • Minimum contract term for any requested item is thirty (30) days
  • A service fee “aka – trip fee” may be incurred when additional trip(s) is required to a unit to deliver or pick-up additional item(s)

Initial Delivery:

  • CSI operates Monday thru Friday beginning at 8 am and continuing until all scheduled “Work Orders” are completed and/or access to the property is denied
  • Unless CSI is notified otherwise within two (2) business days of initial delivery, CSI will assume all products were delivered & received, complete, in good condition and working properly
  • Subsequent exchanges, pickups or additions at client’s request will incur a trip fee related to each Work Order request(s)
  • It is further agreed and understood that neither; client, resident, nor any 3rd party will remove CSI property from the original delivery location without prior documented notification to CSI. Failure to notify CSI may result in additional charges.

Delivery Fees:

  • A $250 minimum delivery fee will be assessed on all Work Orders requesting service outside of our normal service areas. “Normal Service Areas detailed below”
  • A Premium Service Fee “PSF’ fee will be incurred when specific times are specific types of deliveries are requested in addition to normal work order request
  • Any additional delivery fees will be determined on a case by case basis by an authorized CSI representative for Work Orders requested outside our normal service area
  • A delivery fee will be assessed on Work Orders requesting weekend service (Sat or Sun)
  • Any/All Sunday delivery requests will incur additional fees (based on availability)
  • Holiday rates (see below for rate) will apply for all Holiday service requests

Normal Service Area

  • Encompasses Houston, TX (30 mile circumference extending from downtown Houston including The Woodlands, Katy, Clear Lake, Sugarland), Dallas, TX (20 mile circumference extending from downtown Dallas), Austin, TX (25 mile circumference extending from downtown Austin), San Antonio, TX (25 mile circumference extending from downtown San Antonio)”
  • Services are available in other areas for additional fees


  • CSI offers free pick-up service for any/all CSI contracts for three (3) months or longer
  • Short-term “Pick-up fee” will be assessed for Work Orders requesting a pick-up on any/all contracts with terms less than three (3) Unless, alternative terms were negotiated, agreed upon and documented by an authorized CSI representative prior to the date of initial delivery
  • CSI pick-up fee on any/all contracts less than three (3) months – $150
  • Client further agrees that CSI will not pick-up more than 10% of contracted inventory within any 30-day period (unless agreed upon and documented prior to the individual project)


  • All Work Orders canceled or delayed for delivery, whether CSI truck(s) are routed for delivery, in-route or have arrived at the destination, are subject to a cancelation fee per/unit for re-stocking
  • Furniture Cancelation – $150 (restocking fee)
  • House-ware Cancelation – $75 (restocking fee)


  • Corporate accounts must provide a 30-day written notice of termination and all property currently held under the service agreement must be returned within the 30-day notification period.
  • Property not returned at contract termination will be invoiced at the retail rate until the property is returned to CSI, including the day of return.
  • Property picked up after termination will be subject to a minimum $250.00-dollar pickup fee in addition to charges for missing and damaged items.
  • Any invoice discounts earned, negotiated rates or other benefits provided by CSI under the corporate account agreement are null and void.
  • All invoices are always due upon receipt. Invoices due on terminated corporate accounts are not eligible for the 20-day payment grace period


  • Client assumes all responsibility for all contracted property either missing, moved, lost stolen, broken, ripped, scratched, defaced, cut, burnt, destroyed or otherwise damaged “above normal wear & tear” while in client’s possession
  • The client will be invoiced for all damaged and/or missing product within 48 hours of a pick-up in an effort to assist our customer in recouping damage loss from the resident
  • Invoice pricing for any missing items and/or product damaged beyond repair will be based on replacement cost of individual items.
  • Repairable damages will be invoiced case by case, item by item based on parts & labor

Damage Waiver – Option:

  • Corporate Settings requires clients to maintain insurance to cover any loss affecting CS property while on contract and Corporate Settings be named as an additional insured and loss payee with your insurance company. If a client fails to comply with insurance requirements client will be charged damage waiver on each unit to cover potential damages.
  • CSI offers clients the option of an optional Damage Waiver to utilize in the event of damage to any CSI held property due to fire, flood or total loss of use caused by smoke or bed-bug infestation.
  • Damage Waiver covers normal product wear and tear while under contract.
  • Damage Waiver does not cover missing items, burn holes, cuts, breakage, or total loss of product due to fire, theft, natural disaster, neglect or misuse
  • Usage of Damage Waiver option is an additional eight percent (8%) of total contract value per/unit per/month for the contract term.

House Pets

  • $150 Non-Refundable Pet Deposit – will be assessed on any/all units containing CSI property that are known to have, exhibit proof of or reveal evidence of housing a pet(s) (with no exceptions)
  • Pet Deposit will be assessed when CSI is notified of a unit housing a pet(s) either at contract inception, during the contract term or in arrears at contract termination and pick-up
  • $75 Pet Reset Premium – Will be billed in addition to all regular costs associated with Work Orders requesting reset service on units that are known to have, exhibit proof of or reveal evidence of housing a pet
  • $25 Pet Housekeeping – Will be billed in addition to normal housekeeping rates for any scheduled housekeeping services on units that are known to have, exhibit proof of or reveal evidence of housing a pet.

Housekeeping Services:    “Please refer to individual pricing quotes for rate

  • Weekly Service(4 cleans per/mth)
  • Bi-Weekly Service – (2 cleans per/mth)
  • Extra cleaning service – (As requested for 5th weekly or 3rd bi-weekly service)
  • One-Time Clean – (As requested)
  • Final Clean (As requested for post move-out cleaning)
  • Unit Resets (Unit make ready service as requested for new resident)
  • Service on Non-CSI units (CS will provide housekeeping services for units that DO NOT contain CSI products for an additional fee – rates will be determined by an authorized CS representative, negotiated unit by unit and based on the scope of services required)

Additional Cleaning – Billed at $50 per/hour for a team of two (man-hours) for additional cleaning time required to complete a requested cleaning task. Time allowances for Resets and Final cleans are as followed (1bdrm 1-1.25hrs, 2bdrm 1.25-1.75hrs, 3bdrm 1.75-2.25hrs)

  • Weekend & Holiday Service – An additional $50 Weekend Service charge will be applied to all requests for Saturday service and a $75 charge for any Sunday requests.
  • Holiday rates – are two and one-half times (2 & ½) normal rate for any requested service.
  • Reset Disposable Products – A $25 Sur-Charge “RDP Sur-Charge” will be billed in addition to all regular reset rates on Work Orders requesting a reset service. (unless client opted to waive disposable service when submitting Work Order) ~  Sur-Charge covers replacement of the following items: (soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, kitchen sponge, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, garment hangers, food storage containers, shower liners, light bulbs, batteries, cookie sheet, cutting board, coffee & tea, condiments, trash bags, & vacuum cleaner bag)

Note – “Reset Disposable Products are not included in reset rate”. “Unless, client otherwise instructs CSI – All reset Work Orders will incur a “$20 – RDP Sur-Charge” in addition to the reset rate”

Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • Provided exclusively for CSI clients with 24-hour notice and/or available simultaneously with other scheduled services.
  • In case of emergency please contact our office for scheduling.
  • Stain / Spot Treatment (carpet or upholstery) $75 per/treatment
  • Traffic Areas (only) $75
  • 1 Bedroom unit $250
  • 2 Bedroom unit $300
  • 3 Bedroom unit $400
  • Additional rooms/hallways $75
  • Water extraction $150 (per room)

Lock-Box Service:

  • Lock-Box Deposits (Property of CSI) – $50 per request for lock-box installation – Account credit applied upon return of Lockbox in good working condition
  • Lock-Box distribution and/or pick-up $25 – Additional “One-time charge” invoiced as a “Service Fee” for Installation and/or removal of lock-boxes.

Optional Services & Fees:

  • Unit Transfer &/or Re-delivery$150 – Work Order requests to transfer CSI product from one unit to another and/or any unit re-deliveries within 3 working days from prior date of pick-up.
  • Premium Service Fee (PSF) $50 – Incurred for returning “same day” to any unit to fulfill a scheduled Work Order unable to be performed at a prior visit.
  • Premium Service Fee (PSF) $50 – Additional “one-time charge” billed for Work Orders requesting any one of the following services.
  1. Work Order Requests for – “VIP”, “Super VIP”, “Perfect”, “Executive Resident”, “New Client” & “Make Extra Nice” deliveries
  2. Work Order Requests for – “1st Stop” &/or “Specific times”
  3. Work Order Requests for – “Same Day” service
  4. On all Work Order Requests received after 3 PM Central Standard Time for “Next Day” Service
  • Service Charge $75 – Will be assessed on any requested service requiring a trip to the job site (unit) with exception of housekeeping services or if a delivery fee is billed.
  • Wait Fee $50 Will be incurred every thirty (30) minute increment due to “Excessive Waiting” for permission to enter a property for any reasons to perform a scheduled Work Order.
  • Trip fee – $50 – Will be incurred when any additional trip(s) is required to a property to perform a requested Work Order other than Initial delivery or scheduled service.
  • Trip Fee – $50 will be assessed if a scheduled service is unable to be performed due to unit occupancy or inability access to the unit for any reason.
  • Convenience Fee – $25 will be assessed, per unit, to pick up and/or deliver lockboxes and/or cable tv boxes
  • Convenience Fee – $25 will be assessed to pick-up and/or return product to a client facility

Fuel Surcharge:

  • A $5 fuel surcharge will be added to any/all Work Orders that require a trip to the property to perform (deliveries, adjustments or a scheduled service).

Moving occupied units and/or personal belongings policy:

  • CSI will be held harmless for any damages or missing property resulting from Work Orders requesting CSI personnel to enter and move/remove property and/or personal belongings from or an occupied unit or units containing a resident’s personal property. (including any previous resident belongings)
  • CSI will not remove or move product not belonging to CSI. In addition, CSI does not grant authority for any third party to move or remove CSI property from the original delivery location without proper written notification and agreement by an authorized CSI agent
  • CSI will not enter and/or pick-up, move or reset an occupied unit(s) or unit(s) containing personal effects (unless otherwise instructed to do so in writing by the client) or (CSI staff is accompanied by a customer representative and/or the resident is present)
  • CSI will perform routine house-keeping service on an occupied unit(s).

Note:  * Represents new or amended service and/or fee

Revised: 2018